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Mindset may just be the most important asset you’ll ever come to know in your life. It’s a proven fact, when you believe, you achieve.

Some of the greatest minds of our lifetime knew that they would be great. They knew they would achieve greatness and believed when others did not.

There’s been many times before when I doubted my path in life.

I never had a plan to be an entrepreneur. When I graduated from high school, I remember where my mindset was. All of the seniors had the opportunity to write a testimonial of what they will do after graduation. Here’s what I wrote, word for word.

“After graduation, I plan to retire.”

If I could go back and slap myself in the head, I would. The mindset I had was terrible. Sure, I was 18 years old then.

Looking back, I feel that having the wrong mindset caused me to struggle for the next few years.

To give this story context, I didn’t grow up in a bad home. My parents were together and still are. My brother was 9 years younger than me. I remember my dad always worked. At the time, it bothered me. Now, I know he had to do what he had to do.

My old man was business smart and one of the greatest lessons he taught me was actually a lesson he never taught me “per say.”

Dad always had great business ideas. If he followed through and believed in himself, he would have become a millionaire. I don’t doubt that one bit.

Unfortunately, he never took action.

The good news, he’s finally free working for me, but he had to work up to 60.

I always wanted to help him, but I wasn’t in the position to do so. Now, I’m fortunate to be able to help my family.

But to my point, if you don’t believe in yourself, nobody is going to believe in you.

You need the right mindset in life to achieve greatness. Anybody can achieve greatness, opportunities are everywhere. You can be great! You can follow your dreams. You can achieve your goals. Believe in yourself so the world can believe in you.