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So, you want to learn how to start an online business.

How do you do it? Where do you start? What do you need to learn?

Today, I’m going to introduce you to a good friend of mine and i want to share his story with you because it’s motivational.

He started his first official business back in 2012 and built a 6 figure digital marketing agency. He went on to grow 2 more 6 figure businesses and now he’s working on another that will soon reach 7 figures.

His name is Richard Hale and he’s the Founder of

On top of everything Richard has created, he’s worked for global brands such as Adobe, Nike and Skrivanek. While that’s an incredible portfolio, what makes his story inspirational is the fact that he was homeless before he started his first online business.

We’re talking about a journey that has spanned the last 10+ years.

Let’s get to the interview.

Hey Rich, thanks for taking the time to speak with the I’m Global community. How’s it going brother?

Chris, I’m doing great! So excited to be here with you today and the I’m Global community. You’re doing big things, I have to give you props. It’s awesome to be here, glad to be here.

When it comes to starting an online business, what’s the most important first step?

That’s a good question. I see my students and clients make a lot of early mistakes and what I’m about to share with you can’t be ignored. Before you start any online business, you want to validate the concept. I can’t stress that enough. You need to validate your idea first before you commit full time.

There’s a lot of ways you can validate what you have. You need to make sure your concept has the market it needs to be a huge success. Now, not every idea is going to be a billion dollar idea. You could have million dollars ideas or hundred thousand ideas. However, anything less is going to cut into your profits.

So you want to validate your product or service first. How we can do that?

Just ask. What I’m looking for when I validate is to make sure there’s a market for what I’m offering. If you can identify your target audience, just ask them what do they need.

I want a service or product that can solve a problem. So my goal when I’m doing market research is to find the biggest pain points my audience has and I want my offer to solve that problem. If a pain is big enough, people will gladly pay you to get rid of it. Nobody wants to be in pain.

When we’re validating this product or service, we do our due diligence. We do market research, we do surveys, we ask questions or get feedback from our audience.

That makes a lot of sense because you don’t want to start an online business only to have it fail later. 

Exactly. While I’ve start my own online businesses and helped my students do the same, many of them were already involved in some way growing behind a passion based business. I’ve worked with authors, fitness coaches, life coaches, many of them are focused in a specific niche. It’s awesome when you can grow a business behind your passion. You have to be careful though, not all passions have the market to be grown into a successful online business.

You have students and clients trying to grow a business based on passion? What do you mean by that?

Yeah, sure thing. Let me use one of my students as an example. His name is Shawn and he has a taxidermy business. Taxidermy is what he’s passionate about. Taxidermy is a small niche, but big enough to be a huge opportunity for Shawn. For 8 months of the year, Shawn teaches his students how to learn taxidermy. His students pay $1,800 a week to work with Shawn one-on-one. Shawn can make $7,200 a month just on his workshops alone.

Before Shawn took my course, this was all he could make. Now, he’s learned how to make his own products and he’s making over $10K a month selling training courses.

Shawn was able to build a business on top of his passion for taxidermy.

All, I see. That’s awesome! You mentioned Shawn took a course. Is this a course about starting an online business? 

Yes, it just goes to show the big opportunity that’s out there right now using the internet.

I developed an online course called the Digital Marketing Accelerator. This program teaches students how to start an online business without any experience. It’s an incredible program as we have a ton of bonuses included since it’s a new training program we now offer. We teach students everything they need to know to start or grow an online business.

Ok, I follow you. So this program gives them a full education on digital marketing. Would that be accurate?

Exactly. Every business needs new clients and customers. The best way to deliver new customers is with online marketing.

In my Digital Marketing Accelerator program, I teach entrepreneurs and business owners how to build a profitable online business in 60 days. It’s a 8 week course, includes a ton of different bonuses. Two of those bonuses is join me live every Friday for training and Q&A sessions. Plus, every student that signs up will personally get me evaluating their business at the 30 day stage. With the weekly group training, weekly Q&As, one-on-one with me, our students have been seeing amazing results.

Love it! Now, you told me earlier today that you also help entrepreneurs start a digital marketing agency. How do you differ from someone wanting to start a fitness business and others that want to start a digital marketing agency?

Sure, that’s a great question. In my program, everyone gets access to the starter training. If you’re going to be growing a digital marketing agency, we have a special training section for them. Once their in my program, they have everything they need, including a dedicated support team to help.

That’s great, a lot of courses don’t have much support. You’re committing a lot of time to this program. Why?

I want my students to have all the support they need to succeed. I’ve took a ton of online courses, many that cost a lot more than my program. I never had everything I needed in those courses for the information to be well worth the investment.

I can confidently say that the Digital Marketing Accelerator is the best program out there to learn digital marketing and to learn how to grow a successful business.

How can everyone find your course?

They can reach us at

What if someone wants to ask questions, do you have a number or email for those people?

Sure. they can message our support team at