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Hi There! This is Paul Wiekel. By the way, you should REALLY read Vincent’s story below – but this post is about me! :)

I am a full-time christian internet marketer and I’ve been doing this for over 12 years now. Yes! A full 12 years! Which kind of means that I’ve quite literally been in most major MLMs & Product Launches. Although I’m enjoying a very blessed lifestyle now from running E-franchises, I want to be really honest with you…IT’S BEEN A TOUGH JOURNEY!

When I started online, I was still in my final year at Curtin University of Technology – believe it or not – I did a course on International Business with just a minor in Internet/E-commerce Programming. It was there that I developed a KEEN interest in all things online. Especially Internet Marketing. Over the next 5 years after I graduated, I schooled myself in every e-book, video training, webinar I could get my hands on. I also participated in most product launches – initially just so I could learn from the experts how they “do stuff” online.

Like I said. It was TOUGH. After 5 grueling years, I spent more money than I ever earned – with absolutely NOTHING to show. It was the most depressing moment when my then girlfriend told me to “sober up” and focus on things that are more productive. Which I did – but deep inside I KNEW and had an insatiable desire to succeed with Internet Marketing. But I went to bed everynight with questions : “How do the “gurus” do it?? How do they collect those $100k checks on stage every few months!”. It’s just insane.

Are you asking these questions right now? Is your J-O-B robbing your J-O-Y? keeping you A-W-A-Y from your kids and family? Would you like to stay at home & spend more time with your family?

Then somewhere in my 6th year online, something CLICKED. A BREAKTHROUGH. A New Mindset. I can’t really put my finger on it! But something CHANGED for me. Now in retrospect, I can honestly say I think it was because I ended up in the right community. And found the right system. That taught me step-by-step how money is really made online.

Follow my blog and I will show you how to immerse yourself into this LIFE-CHANGING community of Internet Millionaires. What most people do not know about living off the Internet – you WILL learn! I will show you how you can work from home part-time so you can stay at home. Or you can even choose to keep your day job while you earn an extra income from the Internet. Would that not be great? Extra paychecks EVERY MONTH – working only at night!

Discover how you can be part of this fast growing “work from home and make money online” trend! Just follow my blog – as I teach you step by step – what to do to work from home. Lavish your family with a quality lifestyle…and spend quality time with them! Do you really want to continue your life the way it is? Working the daily grind, spending time away from family while trying to make ends meet? Perhaps you are already wealthy. Yet, you are wondering if there is a way you could work from home part-time, spending more time with family instead of with your business partners or clients…

Internet Marketing can allow you to achieve a replacement income so you can quit your day job & stay at home. A lot of stay at home moms and dads are in our team are now practically living off the Internet – luxuriously! Would you like to do that?

If running your own internet ventures with a sustainable income sounds good to you, join my team & then hit me up on Skype and I will show you how use our proven system and leverage our amazing community to make more money online faster – FINALLY!




My Facebook :
Personal Blog :
SKYPE :visionnetworker
No Skype? Download for Free & Enjoy Free Internatioal Calls!

“ACTION is the bridge that connects a VISION to REALITY -
and transforms a DREAM into a LIFESTYLE…”
- Are you living your dream yet?
Earnings Disclaimer :
All statements in this email and on my websites regarding earnings, income, effort, and/or your likelihood of success are estimates based upon what our most successful members have experienced.Your success is determined by many factors, including your desire, dedication, effort, ability to follow directions, personal talent, and consumer demand for the products and/or services in your primary business. These factors are beyond our control.We make no guarantees-express or implied-regarding your experiences and results. Do your due diligence before you join us in any recommended programs.
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Robin Williams commits suicide – I’m greatly saddened…

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Greatly Saddened by Robin Williams Suicide…

Recently, a lot of views have sparked on the topic of SUICIDE. Esp after the high profile news of Robin Williams. I would like to share that I LOVE this guy and watched almost ALL of his movies. His jokes in Good Morn Vietnam cracked me up so BAD I still tell those to my kids.


I wanted to share alittle on this controversial topic (and please take your flames elsewhere if you disagree – as I am sharing on the basis that people are entitled to their own views on matters such as this).

I’m a christian but I will not let that warp my arguments here.

LOGICALLY – Suicide DOES NOT improve your situation AT ALL. Think about it. No matter your religion, the place you are going to AFTER a suicide IS NOT any better than here. Sad but true. In fact, many religions end up in some form state where one has to pay for what misdeeds you have done while alive. Some better ones like those that believe in reincarnation just let’s you start over – often with a penalty due to bad karma.

Is that REALLY what you want? At the point of suicide, do you want to leave it all and come back worse off?

From a christian standpoint, suicide is an act of direct disobedience to the Holy Spirit and God’s gift of life. There are quite a few viewpoints on this but my take is – I have NO RIGHT (nor does ANY man) to take away something I did not GIVE. God gave me Life – I’ll thank HIM and LIVE it. And ENJOY it.

There are age-old debates on whether christian believers still see salvation when they commit suicide. A common viewpoint is that if that person WILLFULLY disobeys God and commits suicide CONSCIENTIOUSLY, then it’s a direct sin that is unpardonable. BUT…if the person is so STEEP in depression that he is NO LONGER conscious of his actions, God’s Grace is sufficient to cover.

Regardless of what views you have, the OBJECTIVE of his post is to plant in your mind and spirit this FACT :


If someone tells you it does…That is a lie from the Devil (who’s objective is to bring as many people with him to the pit of hell to suffer along with him when it’s all over). The spirit of suicide works hand in hand with the spirit of depresssion and oppression to bring good people down.

SO if you EVER entertain ANY thoughts of suicide now or in the future, I PRAY that God will use this post to reach out to you.

If you are going to GIVE IT ALL UP anyways – TRY – calling on JESUS! What have you got to lose? If JESUS fails you – then GO AHEAD. But the God I know NEVER FAILED ME and JESUS will NEVER fail you – if you truly turn and call on him.


And I DO NOT NEED a Legal Disclaimer for that!

- Paul Wiekel

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*** “Why Can’t I Make Money Like You?” ***

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Firstly, I know what it’s like. Those were the exact words I asked so many of my sponsors when I started. They all told me the same thing : “It takes time and effort.”

So months went by and a few years and – I still was not making money! Frustrating no? Are you in the same fix?

Fast forward a few years. Today, I make money from almost any BIZ i pick up. Maybe not tens of $1000s, but I do make a couple $100s here and $1000s in the better ones (unfortunately many do not last so long).

What’s the difference? I started TRENCHING IN and learning stuff myself. And that knowledge TRANSFORMED my biz. You won’t see it right up. But over a period of time, your knowledge and skills increade as you learn from genuine marketers, and you start seeing results. Alittle at first – then BOOM! – just about anything you touch makes you a profit.

So yesterday, when one of my team asked “I’m still not making. I mean, I love your partnership but why am I not making money like you?”

After much thought, I believe there’s 2 things that people often NEGLECT in their business – EVEN when they think they have covered every element. What 2 things are often NEGLECTED?


I’m telling you – DO THESE – and if you still don’t make money online…LEAVE THE INDUSTRY. Just about everyone that succeeds online does this.

You need to get with a community of genuine marketers that KNOW their stuff and are WILLING to teach you. You COPY them, REVERSE ENGINEER their funnels, and LEVEL UP day by day.

You need to TAKE ACTION CONSISTENTLY. It’s useless if you are not watching all those video courses you purchased. It’s useless if you’re a part of the BEST MENTORING GROUP if you don’t attend webinars and trainings. It’s useless if you have the HIGHEST converting funnel AND NEVER SEND TRAFFIC TO IT.

So if anyone asks me now : “Why am I not making money online?”…I’ll tell them : “DO MORE THAN YOU DID YESTERDAY MAN.”.

Success comes at a PRICE. Every successful marketer suffered the GRIND to get to where they are. DIG IN, TAKE IT, and WIN!!


*PS. If you need a good mentoring platform, this is where I got mine :

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Not Making Money Online? Try this.

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*** ALERT : Brand New Program By 2 TOP MARKETERS ***

My friend Gene Wolff & I have been looking MUSING yesterday about how we’re not impressed with all the existing programs.

My REAL issue is – NONE OF THE PROGRAMS AVAIL TODAY – can really make it STUPID SIMPLE for people I refer to allow them to make good money online.

Frankly, that’s been my constant challenge. I can get signups EASY but someone following me (doing seemingly the same things I do) … just finds it hard to get results.

It frustrates me to NO END – I tell you! If I’m making money, I want my followers to make money too. Often, they need it MORE than I do.

Late last night, Gene messaged and told me he’s found a WINNER. I thought to myself : “Yeah sure.” But when I saw the TWO names behind this STUPID SIMPLE system – that almost removes any skill required to make money online – I just HAD to check it out. The 2 guys (you’ll find out who they are in the video!) are top marketers I know and respect.


What I like about this baby is that it COMPLEMENTS my primary opportunity. AND…I get PAID TO BUILD MY LIST … AND there’s an ENTIRE DONE-FOR-YOU in-house upsell/resell/crossell/whateversell process so complex that it’ll give you a HEADACHE if I explained it all here.

Bottomline is : This would be GREAT for newbies or veterans who do not have time to set up everything themselves. You could just get in, pick up your affiliate link, promote – and the system pays you for leads and…GET THIS! – MONETIZES your leads for you 24×7 on AUTOPILOT.

But really. I’m not selling here okay? Just excited and wanted to share this. I think I might have finally found something that people can just follow and make some money from.

PS. Remember, this is NOT meant to be a primary biz. But it CAN be. It’s just one of the best funded funnels I’ve seen since…I dunno…MLSP or something. lol.


DAVE DANSER – If you’re reading this, get your team in now!
Anyways, have fun!

- Paul Wiekel

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MLSP Webinar – Free MLM Training By Internet Millionaires!

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MLSP Presents Free MLM Webinar Training


People often don’t realize the reason they are NOT making ANY money AT ALL online is this…

They are just doing EVERYTHING wrong!

For instance, you’ll waste ALL your money on Solo Ads…if your capture page sucks.
Having 1000s of leads in your list is USELESS when your open-rates suck.
You won’t get good open rates UNLESS you learn how to write converting email subjects.
Even with good email subjects – your open rates will STILL suck if you don’t build rapport with your list!

Can you EVEN see how many aspects are involved in being successful online??

PROBLEM : You don’t know these stuff. The $1000 courses won’t teach you the real truths.


Now, I would pay $1000s for someone to teach me this stuff.

But to get this all FOR FREE?? It’s a no-brainer.

If you have never earned a cent online, or if you are not totally satisfied with your online results so far, why not attend one of these FREE internet millionaire webinars. That’s right. Stash away your credit cards. They’re not needed! These sessions are completely FREE OF CHARGE!

PS. MLSP WILL help your business – no matter WHICH opportunity your promote!

MLSP Webinar Training By Internet Millionaires

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MLSP Review – Get the Best MLM Leads, Signups & Downline Builder

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MLSP Review – Best MLM Leads

Introduction to MLSP

mlsp reviewsMLSP Review – Best MLM Leads

Team Wiekel uses the MLSP Marketing System as our Primary Team System. It is the most advanced marketing & training platform available on the Internet. We are not biased in this – as you will see as you begin to appreciate the complexities AND simplicity of this system.

Using this system, we are able to create entire sales funnels, integrate every conceivable autoresponder, generate endless leads to our businesses and provide an extensive and comprehensive training platform for our members. MLSP also pays very attractive commissions – especially for MASTERY level members.

MLSP Overview

What is MLSP?

Here are the main features :

  • Promotes ANY Business Opportunity – You can add any number!
  • Complete Lead Generation System With Custom Campaigns
  • Full Integration with ANY Autoresponder (GVO Recommended)
  • 100s of hours of live over-the-shoulder Internet Marketing Coaching & Training
  • Customizable into a Team System with Full Training Portal and Custom Resources
  • A Duplication System that allows your members to COPY your success!

For a full table comparison of the features available at different membership levels, click below :

Earning With MLSP

MLSP is a pioneer in the IM Industry – paying out $millions in commissions flawlessly – like clockwork. You know how you sometimes get into programs that never pays your commissions? MLSP PAYS consistently and is NEVER late in a commission payment.

You earn 30% commission per paid member you refer to the system. So for a Gold Member, that’s about $15 per month, and a mastery referral earns you $30 per month. You also earn commissions from ALL the product campaigns!

If you are a MASTERY level member, you earn 100% ($100) per Mastery Referral and 100% commission on ALL Products in the system – as well as the one-time-offers!

MLSP commissions may seem low compared to higher ticket programs like Empower Network, but MLSP commissions are generally RESIDUAL. Which means you get paid EVERY MONTH. And the commissions build up VERY QUICKLY. New members sometimes get between 10-20 paid members in their first month and hit $1,000-2,000 monthly – rather quickly. Again these results are NOT typical, but what I’ve seen is that this happens quite frequently.

Team Wiekel’s strategy of providing the extra value of building funnels for our members works very well in getting MLSP signups. When you add value, prospects readily get into MLSP – so they can have their funnels built!

Using MLSP To Promote Your Programs

Myleadsystempro is designed as a marketing and training platform to support Your Primary Business! That’s what’s cool about it. And it does an excellent job. You can add your primary business under My Business Opportunity in the top menu. When your downlines visit that page, they will see your primary business presented to them!

Our team uses autoresponders that we integrate into the MLSP enrolment process to further present our primary opportunities to our list.

We offer to create sales funnels for our new members, allowing them to plug in their own Primary Businesses. Some of the prospects do not yet have a primary business, so they’ll be looking to you to recommend them one! That’s what gets signups for our team!

Join Team Wiekel and we will build you a complete Internet Home Business!

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MLSP Review – Best MLM Team Prospecting System

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MLSP Team Prospecting – Business Opportunity Review

If you are looking to make more money – or even ANY money online, the first thing you should do is get educated on how to do online marketing properly. Online marketing takes on many facades – seo, blogging, social media, forum marketing for traffic, etc.

Hi. My name is Paul Wiekel. And I have been doing online marketing for over 12 years. In the last 5 years, I have the blessing of being able to work from home just doing online marketing. The key success factor for me is discovering what I consider the best mlm team prospecting system for online marketing.

I find from my own recent observations that many new online marketing enthusiasts start by searching for the best mlm team or opportunities to join. They look for the best mlm compensation plans – you know, that shiny object. This is one of the pitfalls in online marketing today. Online marketing success does not depend entirely on the landing the best mlm opportunity. In my opinion, there are two critical success factors if you want to succeed with online marketing.

  1. Focus – Don’t Opportunity Hop! Don’t Chase Every SHINY OBJECT Out There! FOCUS On One Online Marketing Opportunity!
  2. Use The Best MLM Team Prospecting System you can find! This is CRITICAL! And research also for the best mlm team to join for each opportunity!

What is Considered The Best MLSP MLM Team Prospecting System ?

The Best MLM Team Prospecting System Should Provide You With :

  • Done-For You Sales Funnel – Customized to your opportunity
  • High-Conversion Capture Pages
  • Best MLM Team Strategies & Prospecting Training
  • 1 on 1 Mentoring From Uplines
  • Private Member Training Section

There are many good mlm opportunities out there, but it’s hard to find the best mlm team prospecting system.

You can google for one, or click the link below to see my demo of what in my opinion is the best mlm team prospecting system for my particular opportunity.

Best MLSP MLM Team Prosperity System

God bless!
Best MLM Team Business Opportunity Prospecting System - MLSP
best mlm team business opportunity prospecting system

Facebook :
Personal Blog :

SKYPE :visionnetworker
No Skype? Download for Free & Enjoy Free Internatioal Calls!

Join Team Wiekel’s MLSP Team Today!

“ACTION is the bridge that connects a VISION to REALITY -
and transforms a DREAM into a LIFESTYLE…”
- Are you living your dream yet?


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MLSP Campaigns – How To Earn From Them

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MLSP Campaign

MLSP CAMPAIGNS – How to Earn From Them!

The amazing aspect of MLSP is there are MANY ways to earn commissions.

You earn from member upgrades.
You earn from one-time-offer funnel.
You earn from the Pure Profit Campaigns.
You earn from the Product Campaigns.


You can view all the Profit and Product campaigns under the My Websites link in the backoffice top menu.

Isn’t this amazing? If you’re a Mastery Member, you earn 100% from all the Pure Profit & Product Campaigns! Don’t miss out by remaining at Gold! Non-mastery members only earn 30% commissions.

We get MLSP campaign sales daily! Here’s why…

Each product is expertly developed by industry experts and
contains hours of in-depth video training into hot in-demand topics!


100 Day Biz Builder Challenge ($297)
23 Productivity Secrets ($9)
5k In 30 Days ($27)
5k In 30 Days – Simple ($27)
Get Fans Make Money ($297)
Get Prospects To Buy ($7)
Instant Authority Status ($477)
Lead Generation Mastery ($77)
Marketers Mastery Pack ($497)
My Predatory SEO ($297)
My Tube Traffic Mojo ($297)
Posting on Purpose PRO ($47)
Sponsoring Secrets PRO ($97)
Success Blueprint ($49)


Can you see what commissions you can earn from these?

As a MLSP Mastery Member, you earn 100%!

Mastery Details Here

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MLSP – Is it a Scam?

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MLSP Marketing System

MLSP Review – Is it a Scam?

Hi! This is Paul Wiekel. I have been marketing online for over 12 years and have been generating a good income from mlm business opportunities – primarily internet opportunities that do not require much work or capital. Internet Marketing has truly been a blessing for me – allowing myself to spend an awesome amount of time with my family.

Think About This…


If your answer to the above was like mine, you NEED to read this MLSP review. Following my own success online, I am passionate about showing people HOW they too can start generating full-time, even exhorbitant incomes from the Internet. To that end, I would like to present an unbiased review of a system that – I firmly believe – has be CENTRAL to my online success.

My Unbiased MLSP Review

In my 12 years of internet marketing, I have used and tested MANY lead generation and marketing system. Some made me alot of money, some alittle and some – well, let’s just say there are always a few rotten apples in a bag.

Since 2009, I have been using a then little known System called Myleadsystempro. When I started testing this system, I was highly skeptical – having just moved on from another so-called “All-in-One” money getting system!

I needed a system that excels in the following functions :

  • Generate Leads On Autopilot
  • Converts above 40% (ie. every 4 out of 10 visitors opt-in)
  • Trains my team without my involvement
  • Duplicates ME (so my downlines can be successful too)

Read the rest of this MLSP review to see my findings.

My Findings – MLSP Review

When I started testing MLSP, I was immediately impressed with the member’s backoffice. Not only was everything impeccably organized, the system was extremely comprehensive. In fact, I have not seen another system as “well-stocked”.

Autopilot Lead Generation System

When you log in to MLSP, you can navigate to MLSP Campaigns and CHOOSE from over 20+ mlsp pre-made campaigns that not only pays you 30% commissions per sale, but also builds you a list QUICK. These campaigns are complete sales funnels that captures leads and close sales for you – on autopilot. If you are a Mastery member, you can also create custom sales funnels for ANY business or products, capture leads into ANY autoresponder service (GVO, Aweber, Getresponse, etc), and the MLSP team building features helps to develop your team. I have used MLSP exclusively for ALL my lead generation tasks since 2009 – and I give it my unreserved stamp of approval.

Conversion Rates

MLSP DOES NOT offer the best conversion rates. I want this to be an honest and unbiased review so I need to state this fact. I get about 50-60% lead conversions and 10-20% sales conversions. Not the best, but not too shabby. I’m fine with the slightly lower conversions (some systems I’ve tested gave me 70% conversions!) from MLSP. Why? Simply because MLSP does A LOT more than just capture leads. MLSP actually NURTUES members into entrepreneurs with the right mindset to succeed. Effectively doing my job for me! I get far better results long term by getting my people into MLSP – than ANY other system.

Training Platform

The MLSP training modules were all pristine, delivering cutting-edge marketing techniques taught by REAL internet millionaires – over 100s of hours of over-the-shoulder video webinars. I have purchased A LOT of video courses from JVZOO, WSOs and other sources but a lot of these were nothing but re-hashed content. Re-presented just for a Profit. MLSP is different in that it offers quality training that’s hosted by genuine internet millionaires who REALLY know how to create fortunes online. Apart from the training modules, you also get to attend – FOR FREE! – weekly and even daily MLSP webinars with these experts. There’s also a daily wakeup call that provides DAILY MOTIVATION for team members.


This is the BANE for any marketer. The best top producer just cannot sustain their online incomes if their team members are not making money. Sure, you may be awesome at generating leads and making sales, but if your downlines can’t close sales, you’re ruined. Your team attrition rates will kill your business. People will not stick around for long with a team that does not make them money!

What I like about MLSP is that it is a Lead Generation System, Training Platform and Coaching School – ALL IN ONE. Team members are taken through Marketing Strategies – from Novice to Adept to Mastery levels. With MLSP, your new members who have ZERO internet marketing experience, can embark on a learning journey that transforms them into Master Marketers over a period of 6 months to a year. EFFECTIVELY DUPLICATING YOURSELF! No other system I know of can deliver this level of Team Duplication.

Conclusion – So is MLSP a Scam or a Breakthrough System?

I must say from almost any angle, MLSP far surpasses my expectations. Not only is MLSP an all-in-one marketing system, the team that it helped me build is top-notch! How would you like to have a team of well-trained, confident and results-generating downlines?

I am of the personal opinion that people who call MLSP a scam have no clue what internet marketing is about and probably DO NOT know how to even start building and nurturing a team.

If you are a team leader, and if you are looking around for the best team building system, I strongly recommend you take a closer look at MLSP. It works. And it’s worked phenomenally for me for the last 4-5 years.

- End of MLSP Review – Click here for more –

mlsp review

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Get More Leads & Signups by Learning This…

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Get More Leads & Signups by Learning This…

This is REAL Internet Marketing!

Any magician CAN do these tricks EASILY. But this guy wowed the judges and audience with such flair and mystifying presentation style – that the same ordinary tricks looked AMAZING.

Guys…this IS marketing.

Presentation is EVERYTHING.


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