Solavei Offering a Free Month of Mobile Service


How does a FREE month of mobile service from Solavei sound to you for the holidays?

Solavei, the social commerce company, offers mobile service and cash back rebates from over 440 retailers for their members. They have been in business since September 2012 and have reached over 250,000 members and over 70 million in sales which is faster than Apple, Google, Facebook and Starbucks and have paid out over $14.4 million to its members who refer at least 3 people to the service.

Solavei Compared To Apple, Facebook, Starbucks, etc.


They have started an exciting new promotion! New members get one month FREE when they switch to unlimited Solavei Mobile Service by November 21 – a $49 savings! That’s right – pay $49 for the first month and get a second month free. With the holidays approaching, it’s the perfect time of year to share the savings so tell the people you know about this great deal! Hurry, this is a limited time offer.

Solavei is focused on building momentum to end 2013 on the right track. They are going to make Solavei as loud as they can be going into 2014. They have “out screamed” the largest mobile operators in the nation since their start. As the fastest growing Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO of T-Mobile) in history they are looking to build on that and make it a household name that families know and trust.

“We know that every person that comes in to Solavei will be a part of the community where people are focused on being a part of something bigger than themselves.” CEO and Founder Ryan Wuerch

Now in December when they need it most they will get FREE cellphone service.

In November of 2011 this company was just an idea and now this is all a reality. In the last 12-13 months since launch they have done amazing growth without having to pay millions in advertising but millions and earnings back to their members.

According to J.D. Power and Associates (a leading global marketing information services company that conducts independent consumer surveys of product and service quality, customer satisfaction, and buyer behavior):

Social Media Impressions

Solavei 1.2 billion impressions
AT&T 1.1 billion impressions
Sprint 825 million impressions
Verizon 960 million impressions
T-Mobile 781 million impressions.

Since September they are ahead of all major carriers for total social media impressions, while net sentiment remains highest in wireless at 95% while T-Mobile is second at 23%.

What does this mean? Basically while the big guys are spending so much on advertising Solavei is doing it by word of mouth and are making an impact on Social Media and gaining trust from the users.

Their goal is to make commerce less expensive and more profitable and Solavei is doing a great job so far.

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I am Solavei, are you?

Manny Rodriguez