Unveiling Telexfree binary compensation plan.

Posted on October 27, 2013 by John Lee


Unveiling Telexfree binary 


TelexFree binary compensation plan is a multi-level marketing company that uses this system which is well known to provide state of the art marketing. It also provides communication services all over Brazil and the United States. This service incorporates VOIP communication services that meet a worldwide standard for communication. This service also allows their users to make toll free video calls using cellular and internet technology.


Telexfree review- What is the Cost to Join?

There are two alternatives; you can opt to join Telexfree either as a customer or secondly as a business affiliate. If you chose to join as a customer, you pay $49.99/month to allow you to use the VOIP services to make calls all over the world. For people who have family all over the world their long distance and international telephone services are not only some of the best but it is very competitive as well.


On the other hand, if you chose to join as a business affiliate, you may join by buying an ‘adcentral pack’ that cost $285 .But to be able to earn income without sponsoring, you will need to have at least one customer base at the $49.99 level. This customer can be yourself or any other person wanting to use the Telexfree services.


You can also become a business affiliate of Telexfree by purchasing the ‘family adcentral’ which is 5 multiples of the adcentral pack at $1425.You can also become a team leader by buying more family adcentral pack.


Telexfree review- the Pros


The Telexfree program has worked for many marketers who have and continue to make money using this method. One can create sustainable wealth through advertising on free classified website. This is one of the conditions to be able to earn income -you need to place a number of ads per day based on your level of entry.

It is a product that has many proponents. Telexfree is popular with consumers because they can talk freely from their cell phones and land lines to other carriers around the world without any additional charges other than the 49.99 for the software package. This is one reason why this program is so popular with people that use it. The compensation plan is based on the number of products sold, as well as users that sign up. The best part of the service is that it uses free classified websites, and free exchange lists to advertise the product.

Telexfree review –the Cons

As with any business opportunity that combines both recruiting and passive model, there will always be some sceptics as to whether it is legitimate or not.

5x5-matrix-mlm-compensation-planSome people think that the program is simply a pyramid scheme that has not real defined marketing plan. Of course if you go to Google or to YouTube, you will see many opinions. The company has a legit product. However because of the semi passive nature of the compensation plan, many think that the numbers do not add up for the kind of money they pay out and therefore maybe a ponzi scheme. But you will wonder if, it is really a Ponzi, why then is it allowed into the United States to run a business? Well only time will tell.

Telexfree review-So Is this a scam?

As with any businesses, you need to do your due diligences before you put your hard earned cash into? What if this is not scam and in fact is a real business?eua

In conclusion, I will say that in this Telexfree review, I leave the question open for time to decide if it is legit or not.


Telex free the program was known as Common cents communications and was headquartered in Brazil. Merrill combined with Carlos Wanzler, a Brazilian founder to make this system available for users and marketers.

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Many people worldwide have taken a trial and personally I know of mums at home who have put their careers on hold have made very huge income from just investing in a ‘family adcentral’ package.

There is another lady I personally know who is not holding any full time job but is only a tuition teacher earning small time pocket money and hardly able to survive. Today she drives a brand new Toyota limousine all because she has decided to take a Telexfree package.

Again, You can take a closer look HERE 

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